Organic Crude Coconut Oil (CNO)

An industrial oil that transforms to Refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD) Coconut oil

May be used in the production of soaps and detergents

Packaging:   190 kg steel drums, flexitanks / isotanks, carbuoys or bulk packaging

Organic Refined and Bleached Coconut Oil / Cochin

RB coconut oil is an industrial oil used in the production of soaps, shampoos and other consumer products

Packaging:   190 kg steel drums, flexitanks / isotanks, or bulk packaging

Organic Refined, Bleached and Deodorized Coconut Oil (RBD)

Light in color, bland, odorless

It does not possess off-flavors and resists oxidation making it ideal for food products because it keeps the taste and other qualities of finished products intact

May also be used in the manufacture of coconut-based specialty fats including: margarine fats, shortening, and ice cream fats

Known as coconut cooking oil - ideal for cooking because it can withstand high temperatures

Long shelf life and one of the most reasonably priced vegetable oils in the market

A raw material in the following industries: food, soap, shampoo, cosmetics, health and beauty

Packaging:   190 kg steel drums, flexitanks / isotanks, carbuoys, bulk or retail packaging

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

In this day and age, regular products we use on our hair and body don't seem to be enough.  In fact, studies have proven that some ingredients including parabens normally used in formulations are harmful to our bodies.  If you look at almost all non-organic personal care products in the market, and read the list of ingredients carefully, you will notice the amount of harmful chemicals on these products that are meant to nourish our hair and skin.

Unlike animal fats, coconut oil contains mostly medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) which does not raise blood cholesterol nor the chances of heart disease

MCFA is easily digested and used by the body as energy; it is not stored as body fat thus helping in weight loss or weight maintenance

Contains Lauric acid which turns into Monolaurin: an antiviral, antibacterial, antiprotozoal monoglyceride used by the body to destroy lipid-coated viruses such as HIV, herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, etc (Dr. Enig)

Anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-microbial, and anti-viral

Made from fresh coconuts, heated at controled temperature to attain the highest lauric acid content while ensuring quality

When applied directly to the skin, moisturizes and hydrates without the sticky residue of other oils, and is easily absorbed by the body

May be used in food products, skin and hair products and as a health supplement

Packaging:   190 kg steel drums, flexitanks / isotanks, or retail packaging

Organic Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate (CFAD)

A by-product of refining of coconut oil, CFAD is used in the manufacture of detergents and paints

May be converted to mono- and diacylglycerol (M-DAG) by reacting it with glycerol in the presence of a catalyst

Packaging:   190 kg steel drums, flexitanks / isotanks, or bulk packaging

Organic Coconut Flour

Derived from the production of virgin coconut oil, our organic coconut flour is rich in dietary fiber and protein and is gluten-free

As an additive to wheat-based recipes for extra fiber (substitute 10-30% of the grain-based flour with coconut flour); Other recipes (e.g. breads and muffins) can be made wholy with organic coconut flour

Can also be used for smoothies and shakes for its protein and fiber content

Packaging:   10 kg poly lined kraft paper bags

Organic Coconut Chips

Coconut chips can be used for snacks, desserts and pastries.  It may even be added to nuts and dried fruits to eat simply as a healthy snack.

Made from coconut white meat and delicately dried and toasted to lock in the delectable coconut taste that complements many dishes.

Available sweetened or unsweetened, raw or toasted.

Packaging:   10 kg poly lined kraft paper bags

Organic Coconut Shortening

Used in baking and cooking, coconut-based shortening is rich in MCTs and is transfat-free

Packaging:   35 kg plastic pails

Organic Copra Cake and Meal

Additive / Material for animal / livestock feeds.  It is a valuable source of protein

Packaging:   40 kg jute sacks, 1 MT tote bags, or bulk packaging

Coconut Biodiesel

Used in diesel vehicles without engine modification and maintains engine's durability

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