SC Global Coco Products, Inc. was established in 2006 - a product of more than 2 decades' experience in the Philippine coconut and petroleum industries in such companies as KC Copra Trading (1975), Worldwide Coco Products, Inc.(1987), Universal Star Petroleum Corporation (1999) and New Millennium Petroleum Corporation (1999).  Equipped with much knowledge, its founders are giving way to a company that will develop the resources available in our lush archipelago of roughly 7,100 islands and turn them into products that are beneficial to the great majority while keeping nature intact.

The Philippines is one of the world's leading coconut-producing countries.  No other country is more poised for coconut production than ours.  Many regions in the Philippines have abundant coconut trees, providing our people with healthy food and drinks.  Although Filipinos have always cherished this green fruit because of its many alternative uses, only in recent years have the coconut been elevated to a higher standing because of its health benefits that encompass many other fruits'.

SC Global Coco Products, Inc. is based in Baybay, Leyte, where one of the country's largest coconut populations are located.  It is here, alongside our properly-trained and educated coconut farmers, where we source the best coconuts in the country for organic products of the highest quality.  In this town situated within the Visayan group of islands, coconut trees are so abundant they grow from the lowest to the highest points of mountains.  In this land, SC Global is perpetuating ecological balance while achieving corporate targets and fulfilling socio-cultural obligations.


Our mission is to create a Filipino-owned company that produces only  premier organic  products of global excellence while nurturing reciprocal relationships with our clients and therefore, their customers.  We strive to solidify our company's position in the market by effectively chartering strategic steps that ensure the growth of our company in all aspects.  We exert effort in continuously developing our people so they may realize their full potential and cultivate our organization as one.

We envision SC Global Corporation as a leader in manufacturing organic  export-quality products, confident to stand by each part and parcel that comes out of our production.  It is a corporation that moves forward with continuous improvement, relying on its people and its learning from the past to shape its bright future as a pioneer in the industry.

From the beginning, SC Global Coco Products, Inc. has been adamant in making sure that while our company grows, so should our farmers and employees.  We contract banana and coconuts from independent farmers certified under our organic program.  We provide training for our farmers on a regular basis, making sure that they are up-to-date and informed of new organic procedures.  Our products have not come in contact with fertilizers or pesticides and follow global organic standards.  Our coconut farms and banana plantations adhere strictly to organic practices.

We strive to improve the farming landscape in our province of Leyte.  We believe in empowering independent farmers and giving them a financial boost while encouraging them to plant and sustain the growth of only quality coconuts and bananas.  We believe that sustainability is the future.

For the past years, we have been doing business with numerous like-minded companies from different countries.  As we extend our organic practices from our farms to homes around the globe, we stay committed to the same ideals.  This is why we look forward to working with companies that are one step ahead with visions that surpass profitability and at the same time, look towards the growth and good of every individual.

Speaking of the future, we promote kindness to the environment and leave as little a footprint as possible on the environment.  We do this by using available resources in our area wisely and as much as we can while limiting wastage.  In this way, we pass on more to the generations that come after.


Private Labeling

To take advantage of the SC Global quality and our expertise in coconut products, we offer a range of options for food and oil companies, health and beauty entrepreneurs and retail chains, allowing them to produce natural and organic coconut products under their own brand names.  As reports in the retail industry indicate, a strong presence in the retail industry of private label brands is essential not only for big supermarket chains, but also for smaller players to demonstrate their commitment to quality and value.  In SC Global, we can provide many options to assist our private label clients in meeting their desired needs.  We may:
  • Produce an existing product under your brand.
  • Reinvent a product for your brand with your specifications.
  • Design and package a product as needed by your brand and subject to your approval.
  • Manufacture, and package a product and have it ready to be shipped to your warehouse or stores, ready for selling.
We are committed to making it easier for you, so you can concentrate on branding and selling, the things your company do best!

SC Global's brand for retail is BIOCOCO.  This brand is a reflection of our commitment to CERTIFIED organic coconut oil.

BIOCOCO is available in:

  1. Organic RBD packaged in stand-up pouches (SUP's), glass bottles, PET bottles, pails and containers below 20 kg.
  2. Organic VCO in packaged in 15 ml sachets, glass jars, glass bottles and PET bottles, pails and containers below 20 kg.


Sergio Licup

Sergio Licup has humble beginnings in the town of Candelaria in Quezon province where he set up a hardware store in 1977.  Upon setting up this neighborhood business, he came across an opportunity to enter the petroleum industry by opening a gas station right by the entrance to the province.  Eight years ago (1999), he established his own petroleum trading company and his own oil mill.  He has 2 decades experience in both industries.

Cristina Licup

Cristina is adept with numbers, having been the financial go-to person in all of the business ventures of the family.  She also hails from Candelaria, Quezon and worked in the petroleum trading companies: New Millennium and Universal Star Petroleum Corporation.


Ecocert SA is an organic inspection and certification body that is accredited in the European, Japanese and United States markets.  Ecocert SA has its roots in organic farming, and over time, has expanded its certification to farms, processing and importing / exporting trade operations.
SGS Haccp
SGS in the Philippines is comprised of two main business entities while our respective teams manage and operate our growing number of laboratories, operations, offices, and services around the country.  SGS in the Philippines not only services the quality assurance and risk management needs of business, it also provides back office support for the global SGS network.
Star K Kosher
Of the nearly 900 certifications that are available, the Star-K has emerged as a leader and innovator in today's dynamic food industry.  A quality product deserves a quality certification.  Star-K is one of the premier kosher certification agencies on the international scene today.
The accredited Halal certifying body / entity by National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, the Halal Development Institute of the Philippines inspected and provided SC Global a certificate.
Philippine Coconut Authority
SC Global is also a registered company in the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA)
SC Global Coco Products is a member of UCAP, United Coconut Association of the Philippines through PCOPA, or the Philippine Coconut Oil Producers Association, Inc.
VCO Philippines
SC Global Coco Products, Inc is a member of the Virgin Coconut Oil Producers and Traders Association of the Philippines.
Organic Trade Association
The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is the membership-based business association for the organic industry in North America.  OTA's mission is to promote and protect organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public, and the economy. OTA envisions organic products becoming a significant part of everyday life, enhancing people's lives and the environment.

SC GLOBAL COCO PRODUCTS, INC. may provide all the certifications and documentations from these certifying bodies and organizations if requested by the client.


Giving Back

Under its wings, SC Global Coco Products, Inc has 1,382 farmers in 62 barangays or 7,000 hectares of certified organic coconut farms.  These farmers and barangays are part of our company and we are part of their community.

In our own way, we wish to give back to the community of farmers that nurture, harvest and protect the mountains of Leyte by providing them with organic fertilizers.

We also ensure that our farmers are trained and updated on organic farming techniques, so as to ensure their ongoing improvement and the best quality coconuts for our clients.

This is part of our commitment to educate the farmers who work with us, ensuring their farms' sustainability in the coconut industry.


Because we are committed to our clients and organic farming, our company uses the latest technology in tracking where each coconut is sourced.  This way, we can ensure quality from beginning until end.

The same system is used to indicate which areas / farms and farmers have to be elevated and re-trained if necessary.

Why SC Global Coco Products?

Because SC GLOBAL COCO PRODUCTS, Inc is committed to giving you the best service possible!  We recognize your needs as a business and work hard to achieve your goals with you.  We follow several steps to make sure that we provide traceable, high-quality, and safe coconut products.

To make this possible:

  1. SC Global Coco Products, Inc. employs a computerized system of tracing our coconuts to every certified organic coconut farm.
  2. In addition to this, every product is inspected in our Quality Assurance Department and is assigned a lot number.
  3. We conduct regular training to keep our farmers informed about the organic system.
  4. Our employees attend regular training and seminars on food safety and organic practices.
  5. Our marketing department is always ready to listen to your queries and suggestions.
  6. SC Global Coco Products, Inc. is certified safe and organic by external certifying bodies (Ecocert and SGS) to guarantee our pledge to you.
  7. We can help you expand your market because we are both Kosher and Halal certified.